38 Hour Class $450.00 Age (15-17)

The Classes will be from 9AM to 5:15PM every day, except for day 1. There will be a mandatory 1 hour session for parents. This session is important, because paper work will need to be signed and information on all 3 stages will be given. In order for the student to be eligible for the course, the parents must be in attendance at this parental responsibility segment is mandatory. A student will not be able to take the course if a parent is not present at this meeting.

14 Hour Class $400.00 Age (18 and Above)

Got your class certificate from another driving school. No problem, we can drive you the 8 hours for $400.00

  • Third Party Testing Road Skills Test $40.00

  • Road skills test will be done by appointment only.

You can email request for appointments to

Ask for our special discount for children of Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT Personnel, and Military. Discounts o 14-Hour Adult Classes and 38-Hour Teen Classes.

Driving only $400

If you completed the classroom portion in another driving school, you can drive the 8 hours with us. You will need a copy of the certificate that proves you completed the classroom portion to complete the driving. For for information, please contact our office at 504-533-9495 or email us at